Kindness is contagious. I like to start with this one. The start of tanQ, to bring people together and closer than they have ever been. I hope this humble act will travel like a wave, washing over thousands of people, nudging them toward happiness and charity, like a ripple effect of kindness.

Each month, tanQ partner up with a non-profit organization and designs a unique tee to reflect the mission of the organization. We then sell those tees and donate 100% of the net profits. Thus far, we have worked with the likes of Oregon Food Bank, Candlelighters For Children With Cancer, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and American Red Cross, just name a few. Not only do you get a cool looking tee, you're showing everyone the things that are important to you. All tees are limited so once they're gone they're... well gone.

So help him, her, them, those kids, you, me, us! Buy a tanQ tee, wear it around and be a positive change for good! Tell the world you contributed to an amazing cause that's important to you.

Spread the word. Spread the love.

Judy Tan
judy(at)tanq(dot)us // @judyqtan

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